Lowongan Kerja PT Honda Prospect Motor Terbaru Juni 2015

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Lowongan Kerja PT Honda Prospect Motor Terbaru Juni 2015

Informasi Lowongan Kerja CPNS 2015 Sebelumnya Juga Kami Telah Share Lowongan Kerja Bank BRI Juni 2015 Ini Dia Lowongan Kerja PT Honda Prospect Meters latest May 2015 PT Honda Prospect Motor is the only brand holder sole sales and Assembly of Honda brand vehicles. PT Honda Prospect Motor that stood in 2004 initially only sell vehicles with brands of Honda Jazz which is then followed by several other vehicles diantaraya Honda CRV, Honda Civic, Honda Brio, Honda City, Honda Accord and Honda Odyssey. PT Honda Prospect Motor currently has some authorized dealers are there in Indonesia including a large dikota-kota area of Jabodetabek, Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Manado and Papua. In carrying out its business of PT Honda Prospect Motor is also supported by a number of subsidiary companies which are also engaged in the automotive field such as PT Mitsuba Indonesia, P.T. Honda Lock Indonesia, P.T. Indonesia Ns, PT. Toyo Denso Indonesia and PT Indonesia Stanley Electric. Honda currently occupying second place as four-wheeled vehicles automotive company that has the highest sales levels that are overtaken by other automotive companies such as Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki and Toyota. In carrying out its business of PT Honda Prospect Motor always applying modern technology companies, this is done in accordance with the needs of the community and the demands of a constantly evolving era so that the factor of safety, comfort and environmental friendliness into a top priority that attempted by the company.

PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) in May this year 2015 managed to record vehicle sales as much as 5.071 units, the figure rose by 112 percent compared with the previous years sales only reached 49.103 units. PT Honda Prospect Motor current job opening with the following qualifications:

Lowongan Kerja PT Honda Prospect Motor 2015

Lowongan Kerja PT Honda Prospect Motor

Position title:

Training staff Organization development staff Industrial relation staff Material service staff Purchasing staff Production staff Quality control staff Junior secretary Technical service staff Dealer skill development staff


Men and women At least Diploma all majors GPA of at least 2.75 Age not over 30 years Good personality Look interesting Insightful Have a lot of relationships Able to speak English Communicative Able to operate the computer Have a good analysis ability Able to do a presentation with good Customer-oriented Ready to be deployed throughout the territory of Indonesia

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Lowongan Kerja PT Honda Prospect Motor Terbaru Juni 2015
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